Artist Sun Xun's expressionist style works combine ancient art heritage and cutting-edge innovative technologies, combining meticulous production techniques with experimental styles. He is good at using sketches, paintings, animations and installation arts to create a variety of media. He creates highly expressive stop-motion animation images with paintings, woodcuts, traditional American ink paintings, and charcoal paintings. Realistic style and mythological images create a stunning audiovisual effect. His cross-border talents and experimental creative methods are in perfect harmony with Audemars Piguet's forward-thinking thinking and technical pursuit.

Back in 2002, Louis Vuitton and Tambur first entered the field of watchmaking. This is a watch that has never been seen before, incorporating all the brand values ​​into the design: 12 'LouisVuitton' letters are engraved on the case, corresponding to With a 12-hour time scale, the brown dial is inspired by the famous Monogram, while the yellow seconds hand is reminiscent of the wax line of Louis Vuitton bags.

In order to match the existing round automatic click reference movement of the brand and the principle of matching the watch body with the movement, this new generation Twenty~4Automatic automatic watch has naturally been changed to a round case. For the first time, the series is equipped with an automatic movement and a round case.

Sunlight, water, air. FredBuyle is using underwater photography to change the way we view the ocean. Thanks to his bold adventure spirit, we can admire the icebergs of Antarctica, swim with sharks from the perspective of whales, and look up at the dazzling sunlight through the sea water from 60 meters underwater.

The perfect curve that continues the oval-shaped case reveals its gorgeous elegance, and the complicated technique of the moon phase structure, so that the name of the watch is actually both inside and outside, just like the new women now, both beauty and connotation.

The Montblanc Star series strives to combine the brand's aesthetic design with the Swiss watchmaking tradition to create a classic timeless watch. In the development process of more than 15 years, the Star series watch has a distinctive design, known for its classical and elegant shape, but its materials, watchmaking technology and decoration are unique, and it will continue to lead the trend in the future. The new Montblanc Star Special Edition Carpe Diem watch also inherits these design features. It is made of stainless steel and is a hard and shiny metal. It has now been upgraded from a casual sports-style daily wearable watch to a luxury watch. . The series includes a simple three-hand watch, Chronograph UTC chronograph watch and full-calendar function watch Quantième Complet: three mechanical watches with different functions have a consistent appearance design, and a conspicuous red central second hand-symbolizing the series The name 'carpe diem lives in the moment'.

At the same time, Bulgari once again pays tribute to the eternal city of Rome, to those Roman princesses who have a legendary life. The ancient Greek and Roman coins are perfectly integrated with Bulgari clocks and gold ornaments, making them rejuvenated again, telling the glory and legend of the ancient emperor celebration. The unique and rare gemstones have been patiently sought after. The unique polishing process gives the gem a soft and sensual beauty. The bold and colorful color matching makes the jewelry rich in layers and volatile, commending the legendary women in a unique language to throw away the worldly shackles and live freely. The gorgeous life of 'Largerthanlife'.

The side without the crown can better show the outline of the watch. The sapphire crystal glass mirror is finely processed by the watchmaker to show a slight arc, which is perfectly embedded in the case. The mirror is anti-glare, which makes it clearer and easier to read.

Via Excalibur Huracán Timepiece Titanium Alloy

The gear-shaped crown made of 18k yellow gold, the wavy shoulders on both sides of the crown elegantly provide excellent protection for the crown. A flower-shaped 'B' logo is printed on the top of the crown to highlight the noble brand. Identity.

Press the button for 2 seconds. The second hand starts to move and stops at the 12 o'clock position (initial position). The number in the calendar box will automatically move and stop to display 1.

mos新# This year, on the occasion of  the 40th anniversary of the establishment of The Hour Glass, watch dealer WOS and Nomos launched the Oracle scale and ancient Indian scale version of Tangenta neomatik, 39 mm watch diameter, equipped with automatic movement, limited to 50 pieces, foreign The official public price is 4533 Singapore dollars, which is about 23,000 yuan. The hour glass is available on the official website. Metro33 In addition, the brand recently launched the rose gold version of the Metro series designed by Berlin designer Mark Braun, which is by far the smallest Metro watch with a diameter of only 33 mm. 2017 edition In 2017, Nomos launched 14 new watches, forming a new series 'At Work', one of which is the first rose gold watch Metro neomatik, similar to the Metro33 launched today, the same white dial uses small three hands Design, the difference is that Metro33 is equipped with a purple minute scale. The new watch is equipped with a manually wound NOMOS Alpha movement. The official foreign price is 7200 US dollars, which is about 50,000 yuan. #芝诺“冰锤”#Zeno recently launched a series of diving watches with a 46mm steel case, a sapphire crystal, a speedometer ring in the same color as the dial, equipped with an ETA automatic movement, and a waterproof depth of 500 Meter. Among them, the black version is limited to 200 pieces, and the official foreign price is

The left-handed watch was originally made for the Italian Navy in 1940, because at that time they had to equip the right hand with a compass and depth gauge, so the watch can only wear the left hand.

The 8-shaped outer ring of the dial is also inlaid with diamonds, with blue hands, and the hollow design of the small dial makes this watch more attractive, showing the dreamy and noble style.

The sand color matching makes the new watch more recognizable, and it is equipped with an IWC-made movement, which presents us with a high-value and high-performance watch. It must be a brand new visual experience for many watch fans.

The Monaco Historical Grand Prix, held every two years, is a major event in the field of antique racing, attracting more than 200 cars from more than 50 manufacturers each time. In 2018, drivers from 21 countries and regions participated in the race. The origins of TAGHeuer and auto racing can be traced back to the late 1950s. The Monaco series of watches, which came out in 1969, is one of the symbols of this tradition.

Panerai watches are usually simple and rugged. The Radiomir Tourbillon GMT Ceramica launched this year is a rare hollow dial. However, the thick lines of Panerai's atmosphere still continue, even if it is hollow, it also reflects the industrial style of the Italian navy everywhere. The internal structure of the movement can be recognized at a glance in the large 48 mm case. With a small light brown luminous Arabic numerals time scale and a small seconds dial showing the tourbillon and day and night indications, and the second time. These indicator plates are separated from the internal structure by a net-shaped splint.

The 'Hawk' series of watches is inspired by the brand's first generation of Sea Hawk watches conceived and designed in the 1940s, which will establish the brand's stable position in the 21st century. This series of watches is equipped with a 44 mm diameter stainless steel case, sharp edged ring, high-tech rubber strap and a clear luminous dial. Its craftsmanship is extraordinary and amazing.

The Tudor watch-june calendar is full of exquisite and elegant design essence. Its artistic beauty and excellent technology jointly interpret the classic charm, deeply attracting watch enthusiasts who are pursuing high-quality, gorgeous appearance and excellent technology.